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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  September 15, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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single entity. problems at the post office, why a $10 billion budget deficit could cost as many as 35,000 jobs. we've got perry unplugged. the texas governor explains why he's not interested in political correctness. the time magazine cover story and interview is straight ahead. honoring a true american hero, a young marine veteran credited with saving 36 lives in battle is set to receive the nation's highest award for bravery, only the third living recipient the medal of honor in the iraq an afghanistan war. we take you to john boehner's vision to create jobs. >> he passed away and i suddenly found myself in a small business with one real live customer hanging on trying to succeed. but i know what it means to meet a payroll to hire people and create jobs in a private sector. here in washington, there's a
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fundamental misunderstanding of the economy and it's led to an awful lot of bad decisions and the reality is that employers will hire if they have the right ib sent tifs but they have to outweigh the costs. businesses aren't going to hire someone because the government will give them a $4,000 tax credit if the govern mandates imposed on them cost a lot more than that temporary credit. in recent years these mandates have been overwhelming. private sector job creators of all sizes have been pummeled by decisions being made right here in washington. they've been slammed by uncertainty from the constant threat of new taxes, out of control spending and unnecessary regulation from a government that's always micromanaging and meddling and manipulating. they've been hurt by government
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ideas that offer short-term gimmicks rather than fundamental reforms that encourage long-term economic growth. they've been hamm perred by a government when there needs to be clarity. they've been undercut by government that favors kroenny capitalism and businesses deemed to be too big to fail over the small banks and small businesses that are at the heart of our economy. they've been ant gonized by governments that favor bureaucrats and demoralized by a government that causes despair when we need to provide reassurance and inspire hope in our economy. my worry is that even after all of this, much of the talk in washington right now is basically about more of the same. more initiatives that seem to have more to do with the next election than the next generation.
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it's -- these economic decisions that are being made here ought to be made to help liberate our economy. i think the american people are worried about all of this as i am. i can tell you the american people, private sector job creators are rattled by what they've even over the last few years and my worry is the american job creators is that all of the uncertainty is turning to fear. and that this toxic environment for job creation may be a permanent one. job creators in america basically are on strike. and the problem is not confusion about the policies. it's the policies themselves. and the anger many americans have been feeling in recent years is beginning to turn to fear and it's fear of our future. that bothers me and frankly i think it should bother all of us. america is a land of opportunity and it always has been.
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our economy has been built on opportunity, entrepreneurs and risk takers willing to take a chance because they are confident if they work hard they've got a chance to succeed. over the past few years government has made people less confident, not more confident, that they can succeed. more and more americans are realizing this and are speaking out about it. the last six weeks or so i traveled through my district and across the country listening to people outside of washington who are the key to making america work. my message today on their behalf is this, this isn't that hard. what we need to do is liberate the economy from the shackles of washington. let our economy grow. i think we need to trust in the good judgment of the american people. the instinct of government always is this, to get bigger, more medle some and more intrusive and that is at direct
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odds with what is needed to make the american economy move. a job creation in america is facing what i would call a triple threat from our government. the first aspect of that threat is excessive regulation. during the joint session last week, i hosted about a dozen job creators from the private sector as guests in the house gallery. all of them with a common story. they are trying to help create more american jobs but in each case, the government is getting in their way. we all know some regulations are needed. you've got a responsibility under the constitution to regulate interstate commerce. there are reasonable regulations that protect our children and keep our environment clean. well then there are excessive regulations that unnecessarily increase the cost for consumers and small businesses. and those excessive regulations are making it harder for our economy to create jobs. over the past couple of months
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we've seen two vivid illustrations. last month agents rated the gibson guitar factory in tennessee. gibson, a well respected american company that employs thousands and the company's cost as a result of the raid are an estimated 2 to $3 million. why? because gibson bought wood overseas to make guitars in america. the other example is in south carolina where the boeing company recently completed a plant that will create thousands of new full-time jobs for american workers. only to be sued by a federal agency that wants to shut it down. let me make sure i've got this right. american companies are free to go create jobs in china but they aren't free to create jobs in south carolina? you know, at this moment the administration has 219 rules in
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the works that will cost the american economy at least $100 million each. this means under current washington agenda, our economy is poised to take a hit from the government of at least $100 million at least 219 times. i think it's reasonable to ask, is it wise to be doing all of this right now? the current regulatory burden out of washington far exceeds the government's constitutional mandate and it's hurting job creation in our country at a time when we can least afford it. government's threat to job creation has two other components, one is the current tax code that discourages investments and rewards special interests. it strikes me as odd at a time when it's clear the tax code needs to be fundamentally reformed, the first instinct to come out of washington is to come up with a new host of tax
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credits that make the tax code more complex. on the final aspect is the spending binge that's been going on here in washington. it's created a massive debt crisis that poses a direct threat to our country's ability to create jobs and to prosper. there are people in this town who still deny this. who still deny that our debt is a threat to jobs. but if you take to anybody outside of washington who have to meet a payroll, they'll tell you out of control spending in washington is one of things that concerns them most about our future. back in may i was in new york city, i warned if we didn't take action soon, the markets would take action for us. last month the markets took action in the form of a debt downgrade and future downgrades that cause the markets to tumble. and it's going to keep happening -- >> we're going to keep watching speaker boehner's speech on the
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economy and some things there. kelly o'donnell joins me now. you had a deep dive in briefing in exactly everything he's going to tick through here. what we just heard from him, it seemed to be a complete rebuke of the president's job plan in this one statement, kelly. he says, it strikes me as odd that at a time when it's clear the tax code needs to be fu fundamentally reformed the first ing stink is for them to come up with tax credits that make the tax code more complex. here you have the speaker basically say, we know you've got tax cutting ideas but it's with the current tax code and we're against them to a democratic president. republican speed to a democratic speaker on tax cuts. that tells you it's doa to me, doesn't it? >> of course the white house and president thought using the tax code and credits and things that would be typically welcome by republicans would be kind of a clear path to kind of get broad
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bipartisan support. what you're hearing here doesn't quite fit on a bumper sticker but you laid it out. the kind of opposition that republicans have. concerns if you do things in the short term, businesses will not feel the confidence to respond long-term by adding jobs and the speaker in his prepared remarks was not goiext going to get to super dmt and encourage a big picture approach of big deep cuts and fundamental reform. it is clear that republicans say they want to work with the president but the opposition on point by point is really, really deep. >> some democrats are arguing that the speaker is moving the goal post, saying sudden tly th don't want to talk tax breaks because they are trying to delay. >> reporter: one of the things you hear from both parties, the sense of break up this plan. the president put a comprehensive plan forward and some democrats are saying, you can't do something that sweeping and have good results so break
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it into sections taking bits and pieces. >> kelly, stick around, let's go back to speaker boehner. >> it can certainly lay the groundwork for them for tax reform in the future. that will enhance economic growth and enhance the environment for real economic growth in our country. the committee can develop principles that will lower rates while closing reductions and credits and special carve-outs in our tax code. yes, the tax reform should include closing loopholes. not for the purpose of bringing more money to the government but because it's the right thing to do and it's the fair thing to do. and if we're going to tackle tax reform, frankly, we ought to tackle all of it. making short term fixes in exchange for long-term flawed policy is not tax reform. i think tax reform should deal with a whole code, both a personal side and corporate side
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and it should result in a code that is simpler and fairer for everyone. now tax increases i think are off the table. i don't think they are a viable option for the joint committee. it's a simple equation, tax increases destroy jobs. and the joint committee is a jobs committee. the mission is to reduce the deficit. we should not make the task harder by asking it to do things that will make the environment for job creation even worse. i hope the president will meet this standard when he puts forth his recommendations for the joint committee next week. when it comes to producing savings to reach the $1.5 trillion target, the joint select committee has one option, spending cuts and entitlement reform. the joint committee can achieve real deficit reduction by reforming entitlements and taking real action to preserve and strengthen social security and medicare and medicaid.
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there's this myth that spending reforms aren't real unless they happen this year, right now. i think that myth is built on healthy -- on a very healthy skepticism that spending cuts made today aren't going to be implemented tomorrow. but it's a myth nonetheless and i think we need to make sure it doesn't stop us from doing what needs to be done. most of the entitlement reforms in the house republican budget were phased in over time. that's just the way the joint committee should do them as well. modest changes in spending programs it's can have large effects tomorrow. gimmicks though are unacceptable. and you know, as i told the president's economic team during our debt limit negotiations, that we just weren't going to do any gimmicks, a deficit reduction should be about -- shouldn't just be about quantity, it should be about
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quality. a billion dollars and imagery savings from war spending that's not going to happen is not the same as a billion dollar in savings that strengthens our entitlement programs. still there are many skeptics about the joint committee's ability to accomplish this mission and franklin, i've expected it. there always are skeptics. there are skeptics lasts spring when i was in new york and said that we should have spending cuts that are larger than the increase in the debt limit increase that we gave the president. guess what? it happened. this too can happen. i think the joint committee can succeed and frankly it must succeed. and it can help lay the foundation for real economic growth and job creation in our country. and if it does its work correctly, addressing the structural problems in our entitlement programs that have put us in danger of more job
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destroying downgrades and setting the stage for fundamental tax reform that will help support private investment. if it does this, it will have begun to remove the biggest barriers to job creation that exist in our country today. as a joint committee worked a lot of other work in washington that needs to be done. as i mentioned earlier there are 219 major regulatory actions in the works by federal bureaucrats right now. we know seven of them will have an economic impact of more than $1 billion. the biggest is an epa rule that could have had had an impact of as much as $90 billion. i think the president acted wisely by halting the implementation of that rule. and i would urge the white house to build on their actions by disclosing to the american people that cost estimates for the remaining 212 economically significant rules that it has planned. i would also urge the president to call a cabinet meeting.
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tell every member of the cabinet this. until further notice, i don't want anything that gets in the way of private sector job creation. and i want all of you to report back to me in a month on how well you've done. the president's cabinet, they are not doing their jobs if they are constantly focused on removing impediments to job creation. [ applause ] >> john boehner is wrapping up his speech to the washington economic club, sort of two pieces of news. he makes the case against short term tax cuts and tax credits that are among the biggest items in the jobs act basically calling for the super committee to tackle long-term broad based tax reform, do that first calling these tax credits for the short term fixes that the president is calling for gimmicks and then now he's going
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through and making the case against eliminating some government regulations. i've got a few other news and notes for you. jay carney, the white house press secretary is briefing simultaneously. we can tell you this from the podium. he noujsed that the president is going to travel to cincinnati on september 22nd, a week from today. cincinnati, the home city of john boehner. but it's also a bridge that the president has been talking about that connects northern kentucky to cincinnati that he says needs repairs. and it looks like that is going to be the back drop for that. also speaking of the american jobs act, white house aides including david pluf and james speak sperling are briefing democrats, bob casey, expressing skepticism about trying to tackle the whole thing at once. i want to bring in jean cummings
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from bloomberg news. watching and listening to speaker boehner, he's in a non -- i would say confrontational way, is essentially calling the president's plan doa. >> absolutely chuck. he's soft spoken but laying down pretty hard lines here in this speech. taking taxes off the table all together including taxes that republicans have supported in the past is really pulling the rug out from under the president. $240 billion of this package is tax cuts. some of them existing cuts that just need extensions so that republicans have voted for them before and certainly didn't call them gimmicks. so he really is changing the battleground here. >> i was going to say, i heard from democrats already saying thgs the ultimate moving the goalpost and of course they are being very cynical about this. they see this as only some sort
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of november 2012 ploi, can you imagine tax reform being able to be tackled and implemented before the fall of 2012? jeanne cummings? >> no, i don't. and certainly the large package that the house speaker is talking about, the broad tax overhaul, no one expects the congress to come to agreement on that sort of thing because it is so complicated and we have every special interest in town has some piece of that because the tax code is so darn complicated. at most people thought the super committee might be able to sort of lay down a path to get to the broader reform. but certainly not before the campaign. >> what's fascinating here and i want to refer to one poll, who do you blame most? 45% say republicans in congress and 20% say president obama. four months ago when the debt ceiling debate was just beginning, the president made
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the decision to go big even though politically people knew that was probably not going to happen, this $4 trillion deal. now it looks like boehner is taking the same political stance going, forget the small stuff, i'm going to go big. we're not doing short term. i'm going to go big as a way to ignore short-term issue? >> well, and one other number that we have in there, that is the debt ceiling fight from august, it intensified frustration out there morniamon voters by 71%. it was a defining moments on how americans look at washington. and they are really angry and frustrated with what's going on in this town. john boehner may be hoping to go big but the relationship between the white house and boehner has been seriously damaged by their failure to come to agreement over the summer and that could be too difficult for him to make that pivot. >> and the question is, how damaged is the relationship between republicans and the
1:21 pm
public and white house and public? jeanne cummings, bloomberg news, i have to leave it here. our next guest, assistant democrat leader and super committee member, jim clyburn joins me now. you heard what speaker boehner would like, he would like the super committee of which you serve to tackle tax reform. are you guys ready to do that. >> thank you, chuck, so much for having me. sure we are. i think most of the members of this committee would like very much to do this in a fair and balanced way. and we don't think that we can do this thing in a fair and balanced way unless people feel that they are being treated fairly. and most people think the tax code is just unfair. and most of us know that this hodge poj of tax laws need to be reformed if we're going to create a climate within which we can have smooth growth going forward and for consumers to
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feel some confidence in what we're doing. >> this morning, paul ryan, republican from wisconsin was on "morning joe" he was talking about his plan and making his case, he doesn't want to see warren buffett had a tax rate of 39.5% but be able to afford the account anlts to find loopholes. that he wants a flatter broad based 20%. and said that's okay if he's collecting real taxes from warren buffett. it sounds to me you might be close. >> yes, i really was impressed with congressman ryan this morning. i watch the him and listened very close. i think he's right. for us to have a tax code that yields an effective rate of only
1:23 pm
somewhere between 14 and 19% for wealthy people and then having the middle income paying 25 to 30%, that's the kind of unfairness that i'm talking about. so i wouldn't mind seeing a reform that would say the rates come down so that the income will go up. and there is i think a magic formula for doing that. and so that's the kind of thing i would hope we would be looking at. that's the way we're going to get people back to work. >> go ahead and finish. >> when i talk to people in my congressional district, they want to get back to work. they want to restore the dignity in their lives that only a good proktive job can bring to them. when we see a poverty rate in this country getting up to 15.1% over 46 million people living in poverty. the only way for us to be sustaining in whatever we do is to create jobs going forward. and that's the way to do it.
1:24 pm
reform this tax code and get more revenue in and create the jobs so people will restore dignity in their lives. >> very quick, i have to ask about the new york times story with the democratic senators expressing skepticism about the president's job plan. helpful to your party? >> what i heard the other night was that the president was asking this committee to look for pay fors for it, that means he's kicking a whole lot of that into the committee's work. and i welcome that and i think that other committee members would like to take a look at exactly these proposals the president is making, what these proposals holds for the future. let's take a hard look at it and let's determine whether or not we can do something meaningful and substantive and sustaining. >> all right. congressman jim clyburn, member of the super committee. thanks for joining us. coming up, it's the politico
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the house gained two new republican members with the swearing in of bob turner from the ninth district and nevada's second district. the erosion of obama's o profl and other reliably blue states have democratics sounding the alarm. i had one democrat joke around when it comes to circular firing quads it's the only time the democrats like the idea of guns. >> if you read the papers this morning, that certainly seems to be the case. there's not a single website, single paper that doesn't have a story with some democrat on the record being very critical of president o mabama and his political standing. you heard james carville saying it's time to panic and jim
1:29 pm
burton saying that this is a real wake-up call in new york. and you've got a lot of members of congress who are very scared about the results and what they mean for the democratic party in 2012. >> jim, when bush was in trouble in '06, republicans didn't publicly bail on him like this. why is it that we've seen congressional republicans, they'll complain quietly behind the scenes but don't go public the way democrats do so quickly? >> part of it is that, for whatever reason democrats are quicker to complain than republicans in a public setting. part of it is fear. when people fear you, and they feared cheney and feared bush and thought they needed him for victory. what must worry the white house right now, democrats don't fear president obama. and it gives them much less leverage in dealing with congress on the jobs bill. why you have senate democrats
1:30 pm
say we're not going this jobs bill in one big piece despite the the fact the president said it had to be done that way. we saw this a couple of weeks ago with environmentalists, saw it in new york with jewish voters. once you lose that base and you have no connection to the republican party and independents are already probably wobbly and leaning against you, that's not a great place to be politically. >> an unugly picture this week. good talking with you. a few other things making headlines, ubs says a rogue trader is responsible for losing $2 billion through unauthorized trades. ubs says no client money was involved but stock plummeted today. the 31-year-old trader is under arrest in london. a new report shows banks are taking quicker action against homeowners falling behind on mortgage payments, the number of
1:31 pm
homes receiving foreclosure notice went up 33%. nearly 80,000 properties received first time default notices and a sign that they have worked through the system errors over the past six months. david cameron and nicholas sarkozy are in tripoli meeting with the new libyan government. the leaders were the first to visit the country since the official toppling of moammar gadhafi's regime. earlier cameron said loyalists still fighting for gadhafi should give up. the post master general outlined changes to the way our mail will be delivered and could mean 35,000 fewer jobs. tom costello has the details. we've heard plenty of post master generals make these threats before and somehow at the end of the day, congress stops the u.s. postal service from trying to make reforms like this. >> yeah, i think this may be the witching hour, though.
1:32 pm
on these particular proposals the postal service it doesn't need congressional approval. here's what we're looking at. this is a list right now of every one of the postal processing centers, not post offices but processor centers nationwide that the postal service is going to look at to seriously consider either closing or consolidating within the next three months. to the start the process. there's 252 ultimately, the postal service would like to get from a number right now about 500 processing centers to drop that down to 185. the problem is that snail mail right now is -- has gotten to the point where people simply aren't using it. they are paying their bills online and postal service is looking at a $10 billion financial hole at the end of this month. it's got to do something. this is one step. the other thing they want to do is delay first class mail instead of being overnight, two to three day delivery. >> tom costello, we'll keep
1:33 pm
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triggered my stop loss orders... saved me a pantload. [ crying ] oh great. every time i fly. my ears! swallow! [ male announcer ] upgrade to first class investing technology... at e-trade. governor rick perry went to front-runner in a matter of days frankly, he's been official candidate for 33 days. the rise of rick perry, rick stengel is the rising editor. can perry go wire to wire. it was an interesting interview, rick. the part that stuck out to me was this discussing the idea that he's not always so politically correct. >> right. you know, one of the things that interested me and we've been in the game a long time. i thought after the first debate
1:37 pm
he would have a response to that idea that social security is a ponzi scheme, i called it a ponzi scheme and now here are the six things i'm going to to do fix it. he said, look, i still maintain it's a ponzi scheme but you have to give me time to figure it out. there's a kind of confidence in what he's saying that surprised me a little bit, i have to say. >> it's funny, i get the sense watching him sort of stick to his guns on various things, ponzi scheme being one and the second on hpv, although he reversed himself a little bit he should have a opt in rather than an opt out. but that it's the lesson he took away from mitt romney, that it's
1:38 pm
the way he wants to contrast himself with mitt romney. i am who i am, i'm not going to change when the political spotlight is on me. >> it's not only he's not going to change, it's like he's going to do it at his own speed. the fact somebody can come in at this point in the race so late and pop so much and say, yeah, i'm going to figure it out and take my time and his campaign rep twar is still limited. there's lots of things he's probably not comfortable talking about. you don't have to talk about afghanistan and iraq for example, even with social security, right, do americans really realize that there's no such thing as the social security trust fund, that it's a pay as you go program and when there are fewer paying in there's less money coming out? are there any people under 35 who think social security is going to be there the way it is and was for their parents? i think he's hearing something
1:39 pm
that maybe some of the other candidate are not hearing. >> feels like he's trying to channel what some members of the tea party like by chris chris christie. >> did you get a sense he has a world view? >> he has a view of his own political capability and talent. i'm trying to remember, we did talk a little bit about afghanistan and iraq. and i felt he wasn't on sure footing yet. i'll table that. i don't know he has a world view yet. >> all right, rick stengel, managing editor of "time" magazine. rick perry the cover story. folks should take a read. two years after rushing into enemy fire in afghanistan and saving the lives of 13 u.s. service members and 23 afghan soldiers, marine corporal dakota meyer will receive the highest combat honor today in less than an hour. the 23-year-old, 23 years old, will become the third living recipient and first living marine to receive the medal of
1:40 pm
honor. meyer met privately with president obama yesterday and he wanted to have a beer with the president. that's what they did. shared a beer together on the patio outside the oval office. here's his story. >> reporter: on his grandfather's farm in southern kentucky, dakota meyer is a long way from afghanistan but never far from the war. >> a lot of people ask, what did you think you were going to die? kn no, i knew i was. >> reporter: he was a corporal in afghanistan when his unit walked into a deadly ambush. in a ferocious fire fight that raged on for six hours, dakota charged head on into enemy fire and saved the lives of 13 fellow marines. >> i was going to keep fighting. i wasn't going to lay down and let them win. >> reporter: though wounded dakota drove on. by all accounts he was so
1:41 pm
committed to save his battle buddies under heavy fire that he had to disobey orders to do it. with no regard for his own life, he repeatedly ran straight into the kill zone in a frantic search. on his fifth attempt, a grim discovery. >> they were all killed and i found them all laying in a ditch. weapons had been stripped and radios had been stripped. >> reporter: dakota still wears the name of all four, but he's convinced they didn't have to die. commanders near refused to provide artillery fire or reinforcement. they were later found negligent leading directly to the loss of life. >> i'm still hangry about it. >> reporter: he vents that anger with a gunfiring his pistol into the past tour. his father says he's sleeping better but still has a long way to go. >> i don't think he'll ever get over it completely.
1:42 pm
>> reporter: for his courage, dakota will receive the medal of honor but denies he's a hero. >> i don't even like that word hero. hero, that's -- i'm the furthest thing from a hero. i'll accept it on behalf of the marine corps and guy that's died. >> reporter: he admits part of himself died on that battle field in afghanistan. another casualty of the war. j . >> we'll have live coverage of the medal of honor ceremony during news nation with tamron hall. these nasal allergies are spoiling our picnic.
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i'm tamron hall, new efforts today to stop the execution of troy davis. davis is scheduled to die next week convicted of murdering a georgia police officer but supporter as attorneys say there's growing evidence to prove he's not guilty. even some witnessing recanting their stories and saying they were coerced by police. we'll have the latest on this case. plus, how secure is your
1:46 pm
cell phone? the fbi is looking into several cases of celebrities being hacked and their personal information leaked for all to see online. if it can happen to them, how easy for someone to hack into your cell phone. we'll take a look at that. florida is one of a handful of states trying to push its republican primary earlier. the state presents the unique challenge for candidates trying to balance grass roots strategy with big money campaigning. ron is the editor in chief and joins me now. nobody wants florida to be earlier more than mitt romney. why is that? >> it's a place where if rick perry gets off to a good start in iowa and does fairly well in new hampshire and wins south carolina, it's a place where romney has a good chance to stop his momentum. if romney comes out fairly well in early states, it's a place florida where he can put the
1:47 pm
nomination away. >> the thing about florida last time, you had john mccain, obviously rudy giuliani made his infamous, all about florida strategy. it was a romney, huk abee, mccain show. the three-way race ended up making it easier for mccain to win. one thing about florida people don't realized. it will be a closed primary, no independents involved. >> as you know, it's a large and even the republican primary electorate is much more diverse and representative of the rest of the country than some of the early primary states. a candidate like romney is a real opportunity. the problem is if he plays too much in florida, he'll aneglect the early primary states and if you spend not enough time in florida, you won't have the infrastructure you need to be able to slow perry down. it's a place, as you know, chuck, you have to spend a million, $1.5 million a week to
1:48 pm
get on the air. the northern part of the state is pretty southern. it might be friendly to perry and the other part of the state friendly to romney. i'll be curious to see how the spanish-speaking vote goes. >> you have snow birds that won't there during the scott mckol up primary which they believe the snow bird vote whofb moderate republican and may have been able to not scott off. in january or february, the snow birds are in florida. >> you would think that would be romney's stomping grounds. you know he' working those areas hard now. >> all right. ron fournier, big focus in florida, you have good reporters there, beth rin rin heart. >> thanks, a lot. by now you've surely seen this amazing rescue video.
1:49 pm
a man trapped under a burning car is rescued by a group of bystanders who lifted up the car to get him out. the man is on his way to a full recovery and spoke to the media for the first time a few minutes ago. here's what he had to say. >> i just wanted to thank all of the heroes that put their lives on the line to save mine. i'm forever in debt. i can't thank them enough. i would like to meet all of the people that rescued me. i hope they'll -- hope i can soon. olon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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responsibility. what's your policy?
1:52 pm
when it comes to producing savings to reach the $1.5 million target, the committee has one option. spending cuts and entitlement reform. >> he left out another option and that is tax reform and tax
1:53 pm
revenue. which political story will make lead lines in the next 24 hours? chris joins us. chris, mr. boehner basically saying thanks, but no thanks to the president's vision on the jobs bill. >> you are right, chuck. if it's a three-legged stool. he mentioned two of them. he said no tax increases. this is a signal that the super committee has been meeting in the early stages. the leader of the house republicans is clearly signalling both to the house republicans on their senate republicans and everybody else, tax cuts are not going to get it done. i feel like we are back to the debt ceiling fight again. we are not going to raise taxes and put entitlements on the table and we wrestle down to the end deadline of when to get something done. it seems like that may be where we are headed. >> we know the president will roll out on monday his ideas for the super committee. they are leaking a word he will
1:54 pm
not have anything about social security on there, but there is going to be some reform recommendations that means testing and raising the age. >> we think we know there will be tax increases on the wealthiest americans. you basically have the two, boehner and obama staking out positions that are not reconcilable in principal at the moment. what does the super committee do? this is signal cesending at thi point, but if you are an optimist it's not a good day. >> deja vu all over jagain. back to july. i'm chuck todd. andrea will be back tomorrow and among her guests, michelle rhee. a look at what's next on news
1:55 pm
nation. >> a very big hour coming up. president obama awards the medal of honor to the first living marine from the wars in afghanistan or iraq. dakota myer disa bayed orders and charged into heavy enemy fire not once or twice, but five times and saved 36 lives. 13 of the people were fellow marines. his incredible story is coming up and we will bring you the emotional ceremony live. the motorcycle driver rescued from the fiery wreck we talked about, we spoke with reporters and he's calling this a miracle. i would say so. more of what he had to say about the other driver involved as well. all on news nation in minutes. every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. her morning begins with arthritis pain.
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these are the reasons i quit smoking. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about chantix. over 7 million people have gotten a prescription. learn how you can save money and get terms and conditions at learn how you can save money and get terms and conditions possibilities are everywhere. multiply them with the premier rewards gold card from american express. with triple membership rewards points on airfare, double on gas, double on groceries, and a single point on everthing else, it's a fast way to earn more every day. plus, you can earn 10,000 bonus points. and the annual fee the first year is on us. call to apply. the news nation is following develops news within the hour. president obama will honor dakota myer. the president will present myer
1:59 pm
with the congressional medal of honor, the highest military award. he is the first living marine to receive the honor for iraq or afghanistan. it was in september of 2009 he charged through heavy gunfire, saving 13 marines pinned down by insurgent ambush. he went into heavy gunfire five times to save the wound and those trapped. he was wounded during the battle, but kept fighting. mike viquiera is fighting and his story reads like a super hero. it is unbelievable and he defied orders not to go back in. his grandfather who is also a marine said he has the guts to go in and fight for his country and comrades. >> five times they went into the kill zone. two years ago this month a big battle there in eastern afghanistan. he was trying to find fallen comrade who is had gone missing and suspected


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